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If You Are Ready to Create Impact and Income - This Could Be For You!

Harness Your Expertise: Create Meaningful Impact and Abundant Income as a Mind Mapping Coach!

  • Collapse time by being mentored by multiple World Champions! 

  • Design your business fast so you can "Get To The Money" faster

  • Access the global community for skills, collaboration and Affiliate projects! 

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Ready to not only "Learn" but to "Earn"?

Beyond Certification

Introducing The Mind Mapping Coach Programme, where we go beyond simply certifying you as a Mind Mapping Coach. We believe that being a coach is not just about mastering the fundamentals of Mind Mapping but also about building a thriving business that brings you financial success and a solid return on your investment. We're committed to equipping you with the essential tools and strategies to "Get To The Money" and make a real impact in your coaching career.  

Plan Your Personal Lifestyle Business

We blend the full fundamentals of being a Mind Mapping Coach with powerful business coaching techniques. You'll not only learn how to effectively guide others in unlocking their potential through Mind Mapping, but also how to attract clients, market your services, and create a sustainable income stream. We hate seeing coaches certified without the knowledge of how to grow their own business, and that's why we've made it a priority to provide you with the necessary skills and strategies to achieve success.

Craft Your  Own Financial Future

By joining us as a Mind Mapping Coach, you'll be part of a community that values both the art of coaching and the business of coaching. We believe that financial success and making a difference go hand in hand. Let us empower you with the knowledge, tools, and support you need to build a thriving coaching practice and make a meaningful impact on the lives of your clients. Get ready to embark on a journey that not only transforms your coaching skills but also transforms your financial future.

 What Will The Training Cover?

Not only how to create superior hand-drawn and memorable Mind Maps in the way championed by Tony Buzan - but focus on the three main types of Mind Maps that will create the bigest impact with your students, corporate clients and consulting contracts! 

In combination we will work as your mentor to assist you to design and create your own Coaching Business using our bespoke "Get Me To The Money" coaching strategy that guides you in creating, launching and scaling the business that works the very best for you - a business that meets all your financial and lifestyle goals! 

No other coaching business is set up to not only certify you in their methodology but also help you create income and impact as soon as possible, that is why the first step is a call with our Mentor Team to check that you are a perfect fit to this quickstart process! 

With Phil Chambers

One of Tony Buzan's Master Trainers and a multiple World Mind Map Champion too! With him as your mentor you will never be short of support and knowledge to tap into!

So that you can get up to speed on all things Mind Mapping in double quick time!

With Elaine Colliar

Multiple World Mind Mapping Champion and stacking the year with now 74 Coaches earning six figures and more in 2023 - there is NO reason that you cannot join them!

So that you can build your own business and be making money by the end of the coaching programme!

Together with You!

You already have within you all you need to succeed! Your expertise and knowledge - your experience and passions are what will help you stand out in a noisy market! This coaching will help you identify and leverage your existing skills so that you can position yourself as a very profitable  micro-niche coach!

How to Get Officially Certified?

Lets make this easy to do for busy people! Three simple steps and you are nearly there! 

After booking and having your call with our Mentor Team - the route to certification is THIS: 

    Complete the 8 week Mind Mapping Coach  Group Coaching Programme

    We have created a small group coaching programme that covers all the fundamentals of good, quality, hand-drawn Mind Maps as developed by Tony Buzan and Mental Literacy skills to make you more attractive in the market!

    Create Three Compelling Mind Maps and one presentation.

    Now its your turn to show us what you know, understand and can create. Produce three Mind Maps and submit to Chief Arbiter and Mind Map World Champion, Phil Chambers to be assessed for quality and understanding. Turn one of these into a ten minute presentation and you are good to go! 

    Meet with Phil to discuss & GRADUATE!

    Book an "in person" session with Phil Chambers to get direct feedback on your Mind Maps and your live presentation and gain your official certification and digital assets to showcase your newly qualified status. 

    Book a Call with the Mentor Team

This Is Just The First Step - There Is So Much Further You Can Go! 

We believe that we should grow our coaches from strong sustainable foundations - finding a starting point and building skills, competence and confidence from there!

OUr pathway looks like THIS:

Get Lifetime Access To Our Coaching

Being able to revisit and review information is core to creating and integrating new knowledge - so your 8 week Coaches Bootcamp is collated for you in a bespoke Membership site. 

Mind Mapping

A Live Monday training session with your mentor Phil Chambers - 8 weeks dedicated to certifying you as the best coach you can be!


Mind Maps, Planning Sheets, workbooks, planning templates & Replay Videos- all created and ready for you to download.

Business Building

A live Wednesday training session with coach Elaine to build that business FAST! Replay Videos and planning tools and workspaces!

AMA Sessions

Round out your Friday with a quick call with your mentors to get those sticky questions answered and those bottlenecks blasted! 

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Unlike Other Training Businesses - We Show You How to Turn Your Knowledge into Income!

Eight weeks of solid training and years of informal mentoring to get to you the impact, income and goals you dream of - not by selling you a load of "woo-woo" but by showing you how to build a solid coaching business from the ground up! 

"Phil's training was mind-blowing! He taught me the art of Mind Mapping like no one else, and Elaine's business training was a game-changer. I'm grateful for the comprehensive program that not only taught me the method but also how to turn it into a profitable venture."

Emma, Melbourne, Australia

"The training with Phil exceeded my expectations! His expertise in Mind Mapping combined with Elaine's business training provided a well-rounded experience. I'm now equipped with the tools to excel as a Mind Map Coach and build a successful income-generating business."

Alex, Toronto, Canada

"Phil and Elaine's training was a winning combination! Phil's mastery of Mind Mapping and Elaine's business acumen created a unique program that empowered me to become a successful Mind Map Coach and establish a lucrative business. I'm grateful for the comprehensive training they provided."

Liam, Dublin, Ireland

About Your Coach - Elaine Colliar

Elaine is the Five Times World Mind Mapping Champion and an International Grandmaster of Mind Mapping.

Elaine was Senior Arbiter of the World Memory Championship and continues to be a Senior Arbiter in both the World Mind Mapping and Speed Reading Championships.

She is our "Curriculum Queen" creating and managing the content for The Mind Map Academy Membership.

She mentors our Global Coaches to create their high-impact and high-income coaching businesses in her "100 Days to 100k" coaching programme. 

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About Your Mentor - Phil Chambers

Phil is a double World Mind Mapping Champion, an International Grandmaster of Mind Mapping, and a Grandmaster Trainer in Speed Reading.

Phil is also President Emeritus of the Guild of Mind Sports Arbiters (GOMSA) and is a senior arbiter for both the World Mind Mapping and World Speed Reading Championships.

His Mind Maps have been published in Tony Buzan's GCSE Revision and Literature Guides, "Use Your Head", "Mind Maps for Business", "The Mind Map Book" and "Mind Maps Mastery"

Phil heads up our Academy faculty - supporting our existing and new coaches in being the very best in the world within their businesses and as advocates of Global Mental Literacy

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